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Success Stories with GOATA

Hey man I just want to say thanks for changing my life. I had 3 Acl surgeries on my right knee and it had not been the same since. Ever since I started GOATA I have been able to run and jump just as high as I did before my injuries. God’s Work!!

Abram Hutton

After a couple major surgeries in college, I spent 8 years trying every program I could find to fix my dysfunction. Crossfit mobility, yoga, animal flow, Foundation Training and others, before stumbling across GOATA on Instagram. While every program had helped me push the ball forward in some way, GOATA has been the most effective movement practice I’ve ever used. It ties together pieces of patterns and philosophies that are present in all those other programs into a system that you can apply and adapt to any activity that you’re doing, whether it’s working in a cubicle, sitting on a flight, hitting the gym, or out on the playing field. Our bodies are designed to move like this, and the reality that we can recode them back to our natural baseline opens up a lot of opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


I still have my original assessment video, so once I’ve gone through the certification I’m going to reassess myself. I’ve had comments saying my walk and my stance has changed. Back pains gone, 3 years Archilles tendinitis nearly gone, had the WOATA foot of all WOATA feet and that’s straighter and way stronger that it was before – it’s magic.

Sam Hall

Thanks to GOATA movement and the GOATA community – I’m training to optimize human locomotion instead of the lifting reverse engine and be pain free, more explosive, powerful, faster, agile, & prevent injury. I’m moving how the body is design to travel through space. If you are in pain, discomfort, or feel stiff – I’m reaching out to anyone trainer or average joe to contact a GOATA coach and start recoding your innate movement patterns. Looking forward to 2023 🙂

Billy Riano

Life is said to be lived to the fullest, but what if you can’t?

No matter if you’re an athlete or a coach, chronic pain negatively impacts your life and potential.

To make matters more frustrating, traditional therapies only treat acute symptoms and alternative solutions seem impossible to find.

Physical therapy or painkillers may temporarily relieve your pain, but without fixing the root cause – pain always returns.

The solution to pain shouldn’t be a compromise, but a win-win.

GOATA recodes your movement patterns to follow nature’s blueprint, so you can eliminate pain and achieve peak performance at the same time.

Through slow-motion video analysis and personalized corrective exercises, we eliminate pain-causing errors and replace them with optimal biomechanics for enhanced athleticism.

The GOATA system has already helped thousands of people minimize pain and maximize athleticism, but we are not stopping there.

With our online, in-person, and hybrid solutions, anyone can master nature’s movement code!

With our versatile online learning, hybrid and personal coaching options, nothing can hold you back.

Enroll in our FREE 3 Week Masterclass. Join us online in our cohort format to experience the GOATA System for yourself!

Deep dive the theory, philosophy, and origin of the GOATA System and start on our Groundwork exercises!

Move on to Level 2 and further explore the System! Learn how to Assess your movement, apply advanced standing correctives, performance training and much more!


“After seeing the near miracle that Coach G pulled off with one of our pitchers who had a wrecked back and hip late last year…we made the decision to take the entire team to train with GOATA. Working with Coach G at GLS this fall has been a real game changer for us. The program and principles have dramatically increased our natural athleticism. The thing I really love about it is the way the workouts blend directly into our swing, delivery and run. Our postures have improved across the board.”

Jeremy Kennedy

Head Baseball Coach, Loyola university

“I never gained athleticism in the gym, I actually feel like I lost it lifting. Since I been doing GOATA I am way more athletic and healthier then ever.”

October 28, 2017

Kerry Carpenter

Detroit Tigers

“Always love and respect for the GLS Family!!! After working with Coach G and his Team, not only did I move better but I gained back the confidence that we sometimes lose through adversity. ”

November 28, 2022

Fabian Roman

Pro baseball

“Module 1 replaced years of education and conventional training experience. People need to stop fighting the slow motion evidence.”

Dec 5, 2022

Makhlouf Roger

“BTW those modules are awesome. You’re really good at breaking things down in a simplified way. And doing the drills without shoes on was really helpful in being able to see the feet and where the pressure should be.”

Dec 5, 2022


“The cert is amazing, could listen to you talk about it all day. It’s fascinating man. I try and tell people about it, but I think it has to be experienced to actually understand it. It’s gonna change the game, it’s just a matter of time.”

Dec 5, 2022

Sam Hall


A comprehensive training, rehabilitation, and sports performance program based on the analysis of human movement, GOATA was founded in 2012 by businessmen Jose “Gil” Boesch and Gary Scheffler with football star Ricky Stanzi to maximize health and physical performance.

Former NFL quarterback and co-founder Ricky Stanzi is also one of the team’s current coaches, along with a team of top-tier athlete-trainers.

The GOATA Movement team also includes RJ Archibald – a top scientist in his field who has taken his understanding of physics & engineering and has blended it with the science of the GOATA Movement System.

Over the years, our evidence-based movement and performance optimization system has helped countless regular people and professional athletes eliminate pain and reach their potential. Past and present clients include: Jameis Winston, Irv Smith Jr, Micah Parsons, Emmanuel Ogbah, Odafe Oweh, Marquise Brown, Spencer Brown, Ike Boettger, Ja’marr Chase, Dre Cisco, and Mark Bell.

Think about how it would be if you could

  • Get a new lease on life with youthful strength and energy
  • Become a more powerful, versatile, and durable athlete
  • Focus on your future and passions instead of pain
  • Be confident in your ability to succeed with any task
  • Train to excel in your sport and achieve peak performance
  • Understand and eliminate the root cause of your pain
  • Compete more effectively with resilience to physical stress
  • Get in the best shape of your life and crush your athletic goals
  • Embrace the thrill of challenges and push yourself to the limit
  • Feel free to engage in any activity for as long as you want


Don’t let pain control your future. Move forward with GOATA.

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