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Coaching certification Training Feb. 15-17 2019:

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Jose “Coach Gil” Guilly Boesch

Coaching the explosive triple spiral Goata movement pattern which by default preserves joints, keeps the spine safe,  and makes you bulletproof from the muscle pull and repetitive stress injury. The key to athletic dominance over your counterparts is GOATA FIT.2008 Egoscue PAS Level One (Postural Assessment Specialist). Foundation Training 2015 Instructor. 2017 WECK Mentor Coach 504-223-4355


Gary Scheffler

Coached National Champion basketball team 11-year-old 1998, won several state championships and now current owner of GLS Training, locomotive explosion and fluidity trainer.  504-223-4355 A GOATA Locomotive Certified Trainer.



A Continuing Story...

Decoding the 4 secrets to an explosive injury resistant body was a 20-year painstaking process including reading and participating in hundreds of movement modalities and their associated reference material. In the end, the characteristics of a GOATA fit body can be chunked down to 4 basic concepts based on gravity and the elite human design,  its development protocols and how the body secure itself from injury (never get hurt in the first place). The new priority for health through elite locomotive movement can be strategic and planned to enjoy life with a regenerative healing system avoiding the Gym Fit one which is associated with metal joint replacement and chronic pain. 

Coach Gil




The Story

The Story: After suffering over 40 back episodes in his 20’s, Coach Gil began to search the world for answers to “never get hurt”. This is the opposite of medical community strategy which to help you after you get hurt. Walking away from a medical model is the key to avoiding unexplained injuries for life. While Michael Jordan “MJ” was flying around the air for 2 decades making millions of dollars, Coach Gil only 2 years younger, would go to a sit down office job and his back would injure itself doing the most simplest of things like sneezing... read more below